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Water Systems & Ventilation FAQ's

Does my pump need to be winterized?

What should I clean my shower sump box with?

Is it safe to use antifreeze in my shower sump box for storage?

Do you offer replacement parts for my water buster?

Are blower motors brushless?

My pump has a plug on it. How do I order it?

How much water does it take to turn on and off my Sahara pump?

What is the life expectancy of my Tsunami pump?

Can my pump run continuously?

The switch in my Waterbuster went bad. Can I buy a replacement?

Can I install a float switch to my Waterbuster pump?

The red ring on my Tsunami pump broke. Can I get just that part?

The locking button on my Tsunami bilge pump base won't push down when mounted.

My primer bulb won't prime right away. What do I do?

Are your “A” series aerator pumps available?

My aerator pump has a 1 inch inlet, your catalog states your aerators are ¾ inch inlet. Do you have a pump with a 1 inch inlet?

Are your “V” series pumps available?

Are your 4108 aerator pumps available?

What is the highest temperature that Attwood blowers can handle?

Does the Attwood Water Buster (4140) have a built in float switch?

Are Attwood blowers ignition protected?

Can I add a rheostat to slow a blower down?

What is the highest temperature that Attwood pumps can handle?

Can I add a rheostat to slow down your bilge pumps?

Can I use an AC/DC converter to run Attwood DC pumps?

Are Attwood bilge and aerator pumps ignition protected?

Can Attwood's aerator pump, pump water both directions?

Do you have to use a 3 way switch with your automatic pumps?

Which way should the impeller on my pump turn?

Will Attwood aerator pump draw water up the inlet in a vertical position (like a straw)?

Do Attwood pumps have built in fuses?

Are Attwood pumps self priming?

Do Attwood pumps have built in check valves?

My pump won’t pump water very high and not much comes out, what could be wrong?

My aerator pump won't pump to my livewell. It's mounted through the transom below the water line. What do I do?

Can Attwood pumps run dry for short periods of time?

Are Attwood pumps fully submersible?

Seating FAQ's

What is the warranty on your boat seats?

What is the load rating on your seats?

Can I buy just the seat core?

What size fasteners do I use on the seats?

Where can I buy vinyl to match my seats?

Do you make back to back seats?

Do you have seats with drink holders?

Do you offer add on arms for your Centric seats?

Do you make Centric seats with bolsters?

What pedestal is best for my boat seats?

Do you offer replacement cushions for your folding seats?

Will Attwood seats work with all seat pedestals?

Pedestal System FAQ's

If I want to make my pedestals taller can I stack more then one extension post?

Do I have to drill a big hole in my boat to mount the ¾ pin floor base?

Where do I find the part number on my pedestal?

Do you offer a ¾” pin base that mounts to the side of the boat instead of the floor?

Do you offer an “air ride” pedestal system?

Do you offer an all stainless steel pedestal system?

What is the warranty on my pedestal?

Where do I get replacement bushings for my pedestal?

Is there a way to adjust my power pedestal?

Can I use a different brand post in my Swivl-Eze floor base?

Can I send in my pedestal to have it rebuilt?

Why doesn’t the 27” post have a locking slot in the top?

Why is my stainless steel floor base rusting?

Can I cut my post off to make it shorter?

How do I get my pedestal out of the floor base? It’s stuck and I can’t turn it?

What does it mean “B” type system?

How do I through bolt the floor base when I can’t get to the underside? Can I use wood screws?

Can I mount the ¾” pin floor base upside down so I don’t have to drill a big hole in my boat?

Does the mounting hardware come with the pedestals?

Lighting Systems FAQ's

Do your under water lights have to be under the water?

Do you offer 24 volt LED lights?

Are your LED lights submersible?

Where can I get replacement bulbs for my light?

Can I use automotive bulbs in my navigation lights?

Will your lights fit in my Perko light base?

I lost the knob for my fold down light where can I buy a replacement?

What diameter is your frosted globe?

Can your strip LED’s be mounted under the water?

Can I use the docking lights as head or spot lights on my boat?

Do you offer lights for my dock?

Is the output the same on your 6520 and 6522 docking lights?

Can the 5” underwater light be on when I’m on plane? Will it hurt it?

Do Attwood portable navigation lights meet Coast Guard regulations?

Can I mount the navigation lights upside down on my pontoon boat?

Do you sell lights for my sail boat?

How do I remove the lens on my wake tower light to clean the moisture out of it?

Are your LED bulbs replaceable?

I have a light with a locking collar but my base doesn’t have a place for it. Do I need a different base? Can I remove the locking collar?

Are all the mounting holes the same on your fold down light bases?

Can I replace the bulbs in my incandescent lights with LED bulbs?

Can I use a three pin light (bow light with task light) in a two pin base?

Can I change my 3 pin light base to work with a 2 pin light pole?

Electrical Systems FAQ's

My 5/3 battery charger only has a blue light; no red light is it defective?

Why does your trolling motor plug have 3 wires and my old one only has 2?

How many amps is the 12 volt Marine outlet rated for?

What is the amp rating on your Power Center battery box?

When I use my battery box for my trolling motor it keeps blowing fuses?

When I attach the wire led’s of my battery charger (11900-4) both green lights come on, is this normal?

Hardware FAQ's

What size bolts do I need for the hand rails?

Do your Neat cleats pop up?

Do you have replacement nuts and washers for the Neat cleats?

What is the working load limit on your cleats?

Do you have replacement caps for your destroyer steering wheels?

Do you offer rail fittings for my older Bayliner boat?

Do you offer 1 inch rail fittings?

Do you offer rail tubing?

I don’t know what size gas spring I need for my application can you tell me what I need?

Do you sell replacement end fittings for my gas shocks?

How do I remove my gas springs to replace them?

Does it matter which way I mount my gas spring (cylinder end up or down)?

Ski Pylons FAQ's

I have a ________ boat, what ski pylon do I need?

Can I buy just the main pole for my ski pylon?

Do you offer just the bobbin for my ski pylon?

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my pylon?

Why do your ski-pylons say “ DO NOT use Ski Pylons to pull any recreational equipment that is tied to the tow rope such as water tubes, aquaplanes, etc. “?

Fuel FAQ's

Do you sell vented caps for your portable tanks?

Do you sell locking gas caps?

Do I need a FDV for my fuel line?

Can I use the portable tanks for a non-marine application?

Do I need sealant for my fittings?

What sealant do you recommend?

Do your fuel products work with ethanol?

What do you mean “Spray less “?

Is it safe to store my portable tank on my boat?

Do you offer tanks with return lines?

Can the gauge on my new EPA tank be replaced?

My cap won’t vent, is it defective? How do I get one that will vent?

How do I know when my tank is full I can’t see the fuel?

Do you offer just the male tank fitting for the spray less connector?

Do you offer a fuel line kit with a longer hose from the tank to the primer bulb?

My primer bulb won’t get hard what could be the problem?

My tank is swelling up is this normal? Will it burst?

What fuel line kit do I need for my motor?

How do I know which fittings I need?

Will your water fuel separator work with all motors?

Where do I mount a water fuel separator?

Can I use your fuel products with diesel fuel?

Do you offer replacement pickup tubes?

Why is my EPA certified Attwood fuel tank expanding, and is it a safety issue?

Other FAQ's

Where can I purchase replacement parts for Attwood products?

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Replacement parts for many Attwood products can be purchased from the Back to Boating web site: www.backtoboating.com/Scripts/default.asp